You can't have a Negative Attitude While you're thankful

The Secret to Staying Positive in Tough Times

Many people are struggling to keep a positive attitude during this COVID19 pandemic. We have a steady diet of doom and gloom pumped into our heads from every media source. Anxiety and depression are on the rampage right now. What can we do about it? How can we battle it and stay positive?

My friend Noella Reeder and I are about to launch a very timely book for children called, I’m the Thinker of My Thoughts. It teaches kids that thoughts create feelings and feelings lead to actions. It shows how we can trade unhelpful thoughts for helpful ones if we want to produce more positive emotions that will help us do the things we should do. We all need to learn that – especially now!

Okay then, what are some of the best helpful thoughts we can choose to replace all the stress-inducing ones? The best thoughts I’ve found are thankful ones. Thankful thoughts are always helpful! They kill negativity! You can’t have a negative attitude while you’re busy being thankful!

Gratitude and Thanksgiving are Good for the Brain, Body and Soul!

When we give and receive gratitude, our brain actually releases two feel-good chemicals – dopamine and serotonin, that immediately make us happier. Being thankful is a state of mind that actually changes your brain. It releases chemicals that are good for our mental and physical health. Negative thoughts actually produce toxins that harm us!

The more we practice being thankful, the more neural pathways are strengthened in our brain that help create a permanent habit of gratitude.

Building a Framework for Thankful Thinking

I teach on a concept from a phrase I coined called ‘Framework Thinking’. We can develop mindsets that fit together like a framework that we can use to build a prosperous life on. One of the strongest mental framework foundations for success is gratitude and thankfulness.

Thankfulness is a framework of thinking that doesn’t allow for negativity to even stay inside of the frame! Negative thoughts don’t fit inside a thankful mindset. Staying thankful is a natural repellant to negativity!

Also, when something is full, there’s no room for anything else. Practice filling your thoughts full of things you are thankful for and you won’t have your attention on the negative things. There is a war for our attention. The media is based on sales tactics and bad news and fear sells! We need to be the one in control of our thoughts and be filling our minds with good fuel.

You can’t keep a steady stream of negative input and expect a positive output! If you want a different output and result, then you need a better input that gives you the right ingredients to produce something of high quality.

Thankful Talking and Actions

Don’t just think thankful thoughts – speak them! I thank my Creator every day for all the blessings and opportunities in my life. I thank the people in my life for the things they do for me. I also believe in not just speaking your appreciation, but also showing it tangibly. If you fill your mind with creative ways to show others your appreciation, it will get your mind off yourself and fill you with positivity.

There are many things every day that we take for granted until they’re gone. We have lost some privileges lately, but we still have many more! We need to stop whining about what we can’t do and focus on what we can do and do it!

If you stay thankful and busy doing things that serve others, you won’t have time to be stressed-out and negative! So, get busy counting all the ways you’ve been blessed and you’ll feel less stressed!

Gratitude Changes the Atmosphere

Be thankful, talk thankful and act thankful, and you will feel thankful. You are the thinker of your thoughts, so think about all you’re grateful for and not only will you feel better, everyone around you will too! You have the power to change the atmosphere around you to a more positive one by developing an attitude of gratitude!

Do you want to have a more constructive impact on the lives of those around you? Do you want to be an atmosphere changer that turns up the positivity everywhere you go? I believe you do, so turn up the thankfulness and people will naturally find you more attractive and pleasant to be around! They will want to listen to what you have to say!

Gratitude is a Magnet and a Magnifier

I’ve seen that grateful people just seem to attract good things and opportunities. That’s also because they often have the eyes to see them because they aren’t focused on the negative things around them.

Also, gratitude takes what you already have and magnifies the value of it to you. When you don’t think about the good things in your life, they don’t seem as significant. If you’re going to magnify and multiply something, why not increase the good things in your life by focusing on those instead of the troubles?

I’m thankful for you and that you have taken the time to read what I had to say! I hope that it will inspire you to fight the battle for the space in your mind by filling it with thankful thoughts!

Keep up the good fight!

Jae Park


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