ZERO Excuses - Breaking through your glass ceiling

People ask me how to break through their glass ceiling. It’s a glass ceiling because you can see through to the other side and because you can shatter it. And most likely you have placed it there yourself.

This is something I say to many people, that YOU, yourself, is the greatest limiter. To be more specific, it is your mind. So many battles are fought in the mind, and many of these battles are won and lost subconsciously with no effort or thought. Think about it.

How much time do you waste a day reading pointless emails? Searching and waiting for something rather than getting it done yourself? Making excuses on why certain things were not done the way they should have been done?Even if your excuses are 100% justified: your boss should have communicated clearly, the package delivery was late, you were busy and running on no sleep, etc.

I encourage you to remind yourself, every single day, to make ZERO excuses. Take 100% responsibility. 

Your mind uses excuses to escape from your current reality. Excuses deflect blame to others, circumstances, and situations; when in reality there is almost always something that you could have done to make the situation a net positive. 

When you make excuses you keep yourself in your comfort zone where you hide from your fears. Fear of failing, fear of losing, fear of uncertainty, fear of judgement from self and others. In that process of lying to yourself and deflecting, you completely ignore a precious learning opportunity and instead lead yourself down a darker path of hiding from reality.

Search yourself and ask if you’ve ever caught yourself saying these things…

That works for other people just not for me…

I wish I could do that but…

I’ll do it after I…

    • get a job
    • get time
    • get approval
    • make more money
    • my life is stable

I’m not good enough.

I’m just not ready

I am a victim

I challenge you to take captive these thoughts and throw them in the trash. Reprogram the way you think. Unlearn old habits, learn new habits. This is going to be challenging because this will not happen in one day. But every day as you begin to reform your mind into creating better habits, more and more battles will be won. 

Jae Park


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