Be a better farmer - improving your farming skills

“You gotta be a better farmer. Super consistent. You can’t miss.” – William Lui

This is what my mentor, William Lui, told me when I was in my development stages and hungry for success in the entrepreneurial world.

When I heard this, I thought to myself… why would anyone want to be a farmer? Farming isn’t sexy, it’s not cool, and it’s definitely not where I see myself in 5 years; but the truth is, you need to improve your farming skills to begin your success story.

The Farmer…

is consistent

does everything they can

finds a way

The farmer is consistent. In the planting season, he has to be working towards the harvest. Every inch of work is dedicated to producing the maximum yield. If there is anything in the way of stopping them from that maximum yield, they will not quit, but only continue working around the problem, letting nothing get in the way of their goal. Yet even in the harvesting season, it may seem like farmers get a breather, but that is far from the truth. After the harvesting season, they set their sights to prepare for the planting season. They have to do endless field work, removing organics, spraying pesticides, and rooting weeds. The farmer is always looking ahead and working for it. If the farmer is not consistent in his work everyday, they will find no success in their labor.

The farmer does everything they can. This is a simple idea, but I rarely see this put into action. Everyday you do your daily routine. Clock in, clock out. Monday to Friday. Saturday chores.. Sunday church. Last time I checked farmers don’t get to take days off. If the farmer takes days off, all his hard work goes to the trash can. Farmers don’t get weekends, they continue to work until they are done. But if we’re farming correctly, there should never be a place where we can say, “our work here is done”. There is always something to do, and there is always opportunity around us.

The Farmer finds a way. It is not that they are inherently good at everything they do, but they find a way to be proficient at whatever they do. Farmers have to run a farm, do we realise how much work this actually is? Here is a short list of things they do on a daily basis: maintain their crops, monitor soil conditions, walk fields regularly to search out pests and weeds, adjust their field according to weather conditions, and even tune their tractors and farming equipment. When a problem arises, they don’t have the weatherman or engineer to rely on, they get to the issue themselves and find a way to the solution.

One Kansas farmer was asked what a typical day on the farm was. His response was rather comical as he said:

 “There is no typical day on the farm”

The takeaway is that the farmer is nimble and resourceful, he doesn’t get the luxury of having a “regular” coffee morning routine of checking emails, cleaning their workspace, and creating a to-do list. Instead, the farmer gets down and dirty to get his work done.

So always remember, improve your farming skills; you gotta be a better farmer.

Jae Park


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