Zero Excuses

People ask me how to break through their glass ceiling. It’s a glass ceiling because you can see through to the other side and because you can shatter it easily. And most likely you have placed it there yourself.

HUNGRY – Why is there Power in Hunger?

In this post, we’re going to look at the 3D’s; Drive, Do or die, and Developing an appetite to learn the fundamental drive to hunger and to how to harness that power in order to increase your hunger for success leading you to be fed, full, and in return, to fulfill.

3 Steps to Clearing a Path to More Productivity

Most of us wish for more productivity and results with less stress and time, but often end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated trying to manage our increasing to-do list! What do we do when new tasks get added to the pile already on our plate? How do we deal with it?

How to Become the CEO of Your Life – Part 1

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the CEO of a large corporation? In media, the position of CEO is glorified as a glamorous and prestigious position of power and authority. Certainly, it has its perks, but it’s also one of the toughest positions to have. It comes with a large load of responsibility for every decision and how it affects the success of the company.

Passion is not the flavor of the month – Breaking the Fallacy About Finding Your Passion

It almost seems like you’re either born with a passion, or you have to do some mysterious hunt for it! I have a challenge to make to those who think that way – you aren’t born with it, and you don’t stumble upon it – you create it! When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you need passion to make it through the tough times and not give up, but what kind of passion do I mean?