Are You A Consumer Or A Creator?​

The #1 Secret Formula For Success - Succeed At Creating Value For Others!​​

The #1 secret formula for success– Succeed at creating value for others!

A little while ago, on a Saturday, I was having a conversation with my kids when they were just hanging out around the house. I asked them, “Hey kids, are you guys creators, or are you just consumers?” I explained to them that everyone’s a consumer in one way or another, but you can’t just be a consumer – you have to be a creator too.

For me, a consumer represents someone who’s just taking and not doing their part to add value to the world, and a creator is someone who is creating value for themselves and others.

Consumer vs creator – Two mindsets with two extremely different outcomes

Being a consumer or a creator boils down to the kind of mindset you have. I observed these two mindsets in action as I watched two kinds of people.

I saw that the first type of person traded their time for money. The reality is that you’ll never have enough when you trade your time for money. You’ll never have enough money because you never have enough time. It’s a cycle – the more you work, the less time you have, the less time you have, the less time you have to work! This perpetual cycle means you’ll never get ahead. Inflation, and prices are increasing far faster than our ability to be able to create wealth with our time.

Then I saw certain people who had a lot of time and choices, and so much money that they were giving it away! This is a vastly different situation than I’ve seen in the normal life of the nine to five rat-race. I noticed these people were really thriving because they had a different formula – a formula that seemed to guarantee their success.

They didn’t trade their time for money. Rather, they traded their time to create value!

The first consumer mindset is equated with an employee mindset, which is about trading time for money, and then just using the money to get things.

Conversely, the creator mindset, is a generous mindset that gives and uses their gifts, talents, resources and time to create value not only for themselves, but for the benefit of many other people as well.

Trade and investing for better pay-offs

The more time you spend on creating value – the more value returns to you!  It returns in terms of happiness, personal satisfaction, sense of purpose, and many other emotional and relational rewards. Beyond all that, it rewards monetarily too!

So, do you have a consumer mindset solely, or do you have a creator mindset? That’s what’s going to determine not only your happiness, but also the amount of money you have in your pocket at the end of the day! The consumer mindset results in an outflowing out of your pocket, and the creator mindset generates paths of cashflow into your pocket!

How to recognize which one you are 

There are some general characteristics of consumers and creators that can help you see the difference between the two. We all need to develop more creative attributes in order to stop being only a consumer.


Attributes and attitudes of consumers

  • They often complain about problems rather than trying to solve them. They will be the one in the workplace whining about how bad things are being done instead of trying to find an answer. They hope someone else will ‘do something’ about the problem.
  • They blame others for the way things are instead of taking responsibility and making a change.
  • They feel like the world owes them something even though they aren’t willing to do something for the world!

Attributes and attitudes of creators

  • They realize they are a part of the world and have a responsibility to be a part of the solution.
  • They are problem solvers who don’t waste time whining, but use their energy to be helpful.
  • They serve others the way they want to be served.
  • One of their highest values is to produce things of value for other people.

So, let’s ask ourselves some important questions:

Am I solving problems instead of complaining? Am I an encourager instead of a blamer? Am I making connections and creating synergy? Is there a way I can make a system, service or product that can bring more value to those around me? Am I willing to step up and do it?

Am I willing to become more of a creator than I am a consumer?

I hope you will join me on my journey of saying yes to these questions! Trust me, it is the most fulfilling and rewarding way to live.

Thanks for listening, and for taking the time to consume this content – now go out and create something with it!


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