How to Become an Expert Fisherman

The Secret to Becoming a World-Class Expert

The Secret to Becoming a World-Class Expert


Recently I took my three youngest kids fishing. We bought the worms the night before, got all our gear together, drove for awhile, then hiked to a fishing spot that no one else was fishing at. It took us thirty minutes to walk from our car and the kids kept asking, “When will we be there?”

It was a lot of effort, but we were all anticipating the adventure of catching some fish together.

We didn’t even catch one thing – not a bite! It was disappointing, but it got me thinking, “How can you get better at fishing?” It dawned on me that in order to become an expert fisherman, you need to fish a lot!

We might have gone to a good place and had all the right gear, but we were just newbies! The more we go out and fish, the more chances we will have to catch something. We can learn better what kind of lures the fish will like, and other tips and tricks that will help us catch more fish.

You just need to keep fishing, and at some point, you will become an expert at it. This concept works for most things in life. This is how you become world-class in a skill-set, or knowledgeable in any area you want to compete in, whether sports, business or anything else.

Here’s the problem though – most of us have it backwards. We think we need to become an expert at something before we even start!!! How can you become an expert if you have no experience? How can you get experience if you won’t start until you’re an expert?!

Too often we are waiting for validation from someone else before we begin something. If someone else tells us we’ll be good at it, then maybe we’ll give it a try. We want to be chosen. Subconsciously, we’re saying “Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!”, but we need to pick our self!

We get stuck in ‘imposter syndrome’ where we think “Who am I to be doing this?” “What will ‘So-and So say?” When people tell me, “But I don’t have a degree!”, I say, “So what!”

Some of the greatest gifts God has given us aren’t just our talents and abilities, but our interests. Each and every person has a different dream and unique preferences, right? We can look at someone else and ask, “Why do you like that style or flavor?”, and they’ll say, “I don’t know, I just do!”

I’m glad there are people with different interests than me!  I might not understand it, but it’s good that somebody’s interested in doing the things I don’t want to do!  We need every kind of person to make the world go around!

If you have an interest in something, but no skill yet, that’s okay – just get started. Give yourself permission to pursue your dreams. If God hasn’t said not to do it, then why do you limit yourself? Don’t let lack of knowledge, skills or experience stop you from beginning something.

How does a baby learn to speak? They hear sounds and start to emulate them. They don’t even know the meaning of the sounds. They say the words first, then they attach the meaning later on. Eventually they piece everything together.

That’s what you do if you want to become world-class at fishing. You just start fishing. You start casting and if it doesn’t bite, you make an adjustment. You try this set-up – you try this bait – you try this rod, or this spot, until you learn what works the best.

Don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism where you won’t start until you are good at something. Don’t worry what other people will think if you don’t do things perfectly. We care too much what people think about us. Don’t waste time waiting for others to validate you and tell you that you can do it! If you want to do it, then just go for it!

I like to say, “If no one else picks you, then pick yourself!”

“If no one else picks you, then pick yourself!” – Jae Park

Lots of people have done things even after someone told them it was impossible. They just got out there and did it and learned along the way. They fished, and they fished, and they fished, until they became an expert fisherman!

Why wait? You could die tomorrow! In the light of death, why do you care what others think? Is what ‘they’ think really scarier than dying without fulfilling your dreams?

Just go out and do it. Just start casting and before you know it, you will become an expert fisherman!