My Weight Loss Story – From Wedding Flab to Crossfit Dad

How I Changed the Way I Saw Myself…

10 years ago I got married and I gained 25lbs of marriage flab. I was unhappy with the weight that I had gained and I knew I had to change something. People who hadn’t seen me in years always mentioned that I gained so much weight and I wasn’t happy with my situation. Over the years I tried may things like dieting, exercise, fasting, expensive programs, etc, but nothing helped for long. 18 months ago I finally found success with a program that a friend recommended, and it worked: I lost 22lbs in 30 days and I have looked back since. Now, I’m learning to eat right and live a healthy active life style. I know that many people know that they should eat better and exercise, but they don’t know how to change their behaviours to inline with those beliefs. Through this platform I hope to add value in these areas of health, fitness and weight loss. If you want to know some more about how I turned my life around health and fitness wise, let’s connect. 

Jae Park